Frequently Asked Questions


Why Mellish ?
When ?
Why such a short trip ?
Why not stay longer ?
Why and how are you going to survey the reef ?
Can I e-mail a sked request ?
What bands are you active on ?
What modes are you active on ?
Why no WARC bands this trip ?
Why no Satellite this trip ?
Why no RTTY or PSK31 this trip?
Why then are you bothering with a 6M station and not two HF stations?
What antennas are you taking ?
How much RF power will the stations be running ?
What are you using for power there ?
Why don't you take more fuel with you ?
What if the generator dies ?

When was Mellish Reef last activated ?
How many different ways can baked beans be prepared ?

Can I e-mail a QSL request?

Will e-QSLs be available?
Can I leave some comments in the Guest Book ?
Why Isn't There An e-mail Mailing List To Announce News?

When will the bigger DXpedition take place? ?
What will the big DXpedition cost ?
How many operators and stations will there be on the big DXpedition?
How can I help/Donations ?
I'm interested in going on the next DXpedition, what do I do ?


January 1989 VK9ZM - Team: KJ9I, NM2L, VE3IEO, JR1RCQ, ZF2KN, VE3CPU, KD2HE,

October 1984 VK9MR - Team: VK2WU, VK3CE, VK5ARO, VK2CIA (See A.R.A. Vol 7 Issue 4,8,9)

October 1982 VK9ZR - Team: DJ9ZB, EA8AK, VK3DHT, VK2BJL, KB7NW

October 1978 VK9ZR - Team: VK2CK, VK2BJL, JA1KSO, WA8MOA


Above - Mellish 1978 operating tent. Note the damaged tri-bander!   Picture by Harry Mead

1972 - Exact details unknown
As you can see there has been only seven activations in the last thirty years!
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