About Mellish Reef


Mellish Reef is an external territory of Australia centrally located in the Coral Sea 

approximately 1,080km East of Cairns, 1,150km NNE of Brisbane (capital of the 

"Sunshine state" Queensland)  and 1,100km West of Port Vila (Vanuatu).  

Time zone is the same as Queensland ie; UTC +10 hours.


  Map showing location of Mellish Reef relative to VK and surrounding countries


The reef itself is approximately 10km long by 3km wide but is totally submerged 

when the sea is above half tide.  The only land mass is Herald's Beacon, a 300m x 60m 

sand cay which stands two metres above the high water line. There are no lights or 

beacons as such and can be difficult to approach.  

Birds everywhere !!!

Sparsely vegetated the reef is home to thousands of nesting seabirds of all species, 

a large population of nocturnal hermit crabs and a myriad of sand flies and lice.  


Nearest point of habitation is the Bureau of Meteorology facility on

Willis Island about 644km away on a bearing of 280.


Mellish Reef Location data:


17 24' 39" South


155 53' 25" East

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