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 My interest in radio way back when I was a kid I built a crystal set and was absolutely amazed when it worked.From there I was always taking things apart to try and ascertain what made them tick.In the late 70's I was given a CB radio and from there my interest in radio grew.
I started studying for my ham licence about ten years ago but like most people I was confused on what you had to know and did not have to know.Time to study was the biggest factor due to owning a business but every now and again I would pick up a book and study.I have always experimented with antennas trying to perfect each one I built and have made some good ones and not so good over the years.
But isn't that what radio is all about experimenting ?
I achieved my NLOACP in March 2003 with thanks to Ron Bertrand and his Radio and Electronics School.For any budding Hams I highly recommend it because you are put on the right path of what to study.There is a link on the Links Page.
As of January 1st 2004 because Morse has been dropped in the requirement
 for a VK licence .
 Novice Limited licence is now Full Novice.
So see you on 80,15 Meters or 10 Meters maybe.
I hope you enjoy looking at my site.
Regards & 73's     BOB.                               .