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Hi - I am a Ham radio operator living in Perth. My operation is on the HF Radio mainly on 14 mhz. I am interested in computers, SSTV, Packet Radio, Satelite wx swl and CW Morse code. Likes QRP operating and home brewing, especially building Qrp tx for cw. Licenced as a Ham for 15 years. My equipment consists of a Kenwood TS 440s HF rig, an ICOM 701 rig, 2m Base station rigs, 2m & 70 cm handies, FL2100 Yaesu amplifier, Heath Kit ant tuner and my Antenna is a 4 element tribander beam with a 12 m tower. If you are interested to talk to me, please e-mail me for a sked. dit dit dit dah dit dah
Pic of my antenna.

My antenna in the backyard (click for a larger view).

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