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QTH Gidgegannup 40 Km N.E. of Perth, Western Australia. 31.838S 116.163E OF88bd

Sometimes my SSTV repeater is on - Try it with 1633 Hz Tone


Now Monitoring

While every effort is made to control content, I have no control over what people transmit. If I'm not near the computer to vet a picture when it is received, it will be posted to the website automatically. Content of transmitted pictures is the responsibility of the sender.

SSTV Links:

Live Australasian SSTV Webcams

Live SSTV Webcams Worldwide

Station Equipment: 

Icom 746, operating into a HF amp delivering 100 watts on SSTV.

Antenna 1:
Horizontal wire loop antenna cut for 80 metres at 12 metres high, runs well as broadband antenna.  Fed with about 40m of home brew 450 ohm twin feed cable through a 4:1 balun just outside the shack window.

Antenna 2:
Five Element triband Chirnside C-35DX about 13 metres above the ground. This antenna has 3 elements active on 15 and 20 metres, and 4 elements active on 10 metres.

The computer' soundcard is calibrated regularly using the WWV time signals on 10.000 MHz, and full duplex loopback testing.  If your picture looks slanted on my webcam, its because it was received slanted, and I may have auto-slant correction off.  

Mast and Antenna:  

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