Hi from Dick Lukoszek in Weipa

'My' special Car.

As a kid I was probably no different to most, and I had an interest in cars that had me comparing the technical aspects and performance characteristics of one against the other. Eventually I started to develop a special interest in a style of motor car that had a complex combination of technical sophistication, style appeal and a certain romantic history about it. Perhaps it was the LeMans Riley because of what it was in its day, or the XK series of Jaguar or the hand built Morgan.

Everyone I have ever known has had an affiliation with some sort or motor vehicle or another for a reason that is very special to them. It is also very difficult to work out the reasons that makes that car so special.

For me it was growing up with a Dad who loved restoring and maintaining cars that were a bit different and the dream of owning a true open wheeler roadster. For years it was the Morgan plus eight.

Today it is more than just owning and driving this special car it is about creating the car I�ve always wanted to own.

So this is the story of 'That special car'. My LoCost Clubman.

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