Diagram of RF coupling


'ROTOR HUNTER' uses antennas which rotate 360 degrees and need a method of connecting the coax from the antennas to the receivers. This is achieved with a special PL259 type coax plug. The plug is similar to a normal PL259 except it presses on to the socket rather than screwing on. This plug is fastened in the lower end of the antenna shaft and mates with an angle adapter then a SO239 line socket.

I have used RG213 type coax to connect between the antenna diplexer and inside the motor box as it is far more durable than RG58 type coax. I have a coaxial joiner inside the motor box and I use RG58 coax to run into the car.

I tried using a 'N' type plug and socket for the RF coupling however the wear on the light brass construction was too great and it soon failed.

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