Kenwood TM742 - RD Audio output function

Receive Audio Output Band Selection
The receive audio for the control band can be assigned to the RD terminal.

Press the F key for longer than one second, and then press the C.SEL key for the selected band.
The 100 kHz decimal for that band will light.

Receive audio output band indicator
Repeat the same key sequence to return to the normal mode.

If RD output is not present for the control band, press the BAND SEL key. When RD output is locked to on band, pressing the BAND SEL key does not change the RD output band.

RD output squelch control

The RD output is present only when the squelch opens.
Turn the POWER OFF, press and hold TONE key and press the POWER switch.
The 10kHz decimal lights when this function is selected.

Repeat the same key sequence to release this function.

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