Poems by Kevin White Forbes.

Here are some poems that were penned during some sad times, and some during moments of inspiration.

I look upon the sky at night,
At all the stars, dim and bright.

I've lost another friend you see,
And need it all explained to me.

I wondered why I am here at all,
It's to love and help and be a friend at call.

Please help support Cystic Fibrosis research.
The little voice.
It's that little voice inside my head,
telling me to get out of bed.

It's that little voice inside my head,
telling me to go earn some bread.

It's that little voice inside my head,
don't buy that, pay a bill instead.

It's that little voice inside my head,
if you do that, then you will dread.

Hello little voice inside my head,
I'm glad I listened, or else I'd be dead.

That clever little voice that's inside my head.

The Flutterby.
Flutterby, Flutterby, flying past me,
they've mixed up your name a real mess I see.

Butterfly, Butterfly, they all call in glee,
You're all nuts, it's quite plain to me.

You fly right by all in a flutter,
There's just no way you could be made of butter.

So, I think that I'm right and they're all wrong,
You're a Flutterby, not a Butterfly, a fly made of butter.

The Miners.
The men go to work, under the ground,
they're all grown up, not a minor around.

They risk their lives for a living to be made,
Mining minerals, metals, gold and jade.

Most don't give it a thought from one minute to the next,
Without the miners, what would be the effects.

Where's my pen, my car, my computer and ashtray,
Where's my camera, wife's lipstick, nylons and hairspray.
Where's the phone, the cutlery, the medicine and jars.
Where's the house gone, the sink, the taps and chrome bars.

Without those miners and their mining gear,
There wouldn't be much left for us all I fear.

The universe.
The universe is surely vast.
To ponder it all, I'll not be the last.

The people on Earth are good I think.
Although a lot would have you believe they stink.

Everyone knows right from wrong.
An honest mistake just receives a gong.

Those that do wrong with the knowledge in mind.
Will loose love and respect, that, they will grind.

All writings on this page are copyright Kevin W. Forbes VK3UKF (1995-2004)

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