Mars Exploration Rover data decoding and stereo image viewer by VK3UKF 2006.

Hello, This is the download page for MERDAT2006
Click BELOW for MERDAT2007, it's better.
MerdatBeta-Sample.exe (9th Nov 06) but, there is still no real help yet, at the bottom of the page. The screen shots will be changed soon to reflect the difference. It is a password encrypted zip. e-mail me for the password.

The password for the 2006 software is 'freddo'

This program will decode and display the information encoded in the filenames of the images that come from the NASA MER website.(e.g. 2N127430961EFF0300P1515R0M1.jpg)
It is designed for the XP platform and is tested on screen resolutions between 800 x 600 and 1280 x 1024. It will also display the exact time on Earth that the image was made. My Martian clock is still being worked on, I am stuck as to decide to work on solar time and have the Martian day time match the NASA website data for the time of day, or just stick with plain old daytime, like we do on Earth. At the moment my Martian clock is plain old daytime and there is a variation between my Martian time and Nasa's Martian time of day, of up to an hour either side of true solar time. Celestial mechanics gobsmacked me a beauty. I am also having a think about making colour images from the various black and white images taken through different filters, but that's a way off yet. Email me if you are interested in trialing a beta version.

The main user screen
screen shot

The BIG picture
screen shot

Viewing a stereo image pair
screen shot

DOWNLOAD NOW. Right click on image then click "save target as" to obtain the zip libraries of these images. All images are JPG.

Images of clouds on Mars, filesize 4.8 MB.

Images taken at night of the Martian Moons in the sky, filesize 8.2 MB.

All images used by this software are courtesy of
NASA / Planetary Data Systems.

If anyone has any trouble downloading, please let me know.
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Page updated November 9th 2006.