10 m beacon
6 m Repeater
 70 cm repeater

This is the home of the VK3RMH amateur radio repeaters and beacons,
Until November 2012, VK3RMH was located in Wattle Glen,
a rural outer North-Eastern suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Ever increasing costs of leasing the tower and electricity have made the
Wattle Glen location unviable for a small amateur radio club.
The tower lease was terminated in November 2012.
 The club is considering alternative locations, including one not too far away in Briar Hill.

10m Beacon - 28.2565 MHz  QF22 20W/2W Vertical  CW
6m Beacon - 50.295 MHz QF22 10Watts Horizontal CW
6m FM repeater - 52.550MHz in, 53.550MHz out
70cm FM repeater - 433.325MHz in, 438.325MHz out, IRLP node 6350

The VK3RMH tower is also the occasional home for the Scout Radio & Electronics Service Unit's ,
2m portable FM repeater VK3RSR- 146.375 MHz in, 146.975 MHz out, IRLP node 6499.

VK3RMH is owned and operated by the NERG - the North East Radio Group, Inc.
NERG is a group of amateurs interested in the friendly and fun aspects of amateur radio activities.
The NERG also promotes amateur radio through Novice radio classes and ARDF activities.

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