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Greetings de Mark VK3PI


*   Favorite Links

*   Contact Information

*   Current Projects

*   Biographical Information

*   Personal Interests



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Favorite Links

*   www.bom.gov.au

*   Insert a hyperlink here

*   Insert a hyperlink here


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Contact Information

E-mail address

[email protected]

Web address

To be advised


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Current Projects

*   House renovations

*   Creation of a real “shack”

*   Construction of a cross band translator


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Biographical Information

To be advised.


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Personal Interests

*   Family

*  Volunteer Firefighter – Country Fire Authority (19 years)

*  Amateur Radio

*  Patch collecting – (Police, Fire and Ambulance)

*  Diecast models (Police, Fire and Ambulance vehicles only)


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Last revised: 3rd May 2001