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Welcome to the page of VK2PN for the VK9PN DXexpedition to Lord Howe Island.

23rd May to 30th May 2012

Long : 159.03809 E (159 2' 17'' E)
Lat : -31.53231 S (-31 31' 56'' S)
QTH locator : QF98ML


So we are back in Sydney.

Yes it was fun. Thanks everybody who called and I hope you will like the card too.








I found already several cards sent to my address direct.  Thanks for your interest.  Unfortunately you have to wait little longer for the cards to be printed.  I did not want to order the cards without having the original photographs taken during our stay.

I got some cards printed in a hurry and will send them to people who need them soon.








In meantime I will publish the logs on:


I was able to upload the log on:
as well.

You may as well look at the photo album from the island 

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