Audio Set-Up for EchoLink

For good audio to be heard don't overdrive your soundcard, it is similar to over deviating when transmitting on radio.

If your TX output is to great not only will your audio sound distorted but you will also find that the streaming of the audio over the internet will be very poor and you will experience choppy audio and even packet loss.

Compared to having 10101 and #0$1^ data transferred, clean one's and zero's makes for good data / voice transfer.

Your audio not only travels over the Internet but also through a linking radio, repeater and is finally heard through another radio. There will be some losses so the cleaner you can make your audio the better you will be heard.

EchoLink uses the Windows Sound Recorder.

If your audio is good using Sound Recorder so to will your audio be good using EchoLink.

If your audio does not work with Windows Sound Recorder your audio will not work with EchoLink.

Adjusting your Audio

Windows Sound Recorder is operating correctly. It comes standard with every version of Windows.

Open the Audio mixer. This can be done by double clicking the small speaker in the System Tray (bottom right of screen).You can find this at the bottom left of your screen

The Playback mixer will pop up, but we want the Recording mixer, to get this click on the Options menu then select Properties"Change from the Playback mixer to the Recording mixer.

When you have done this another windows will pop up. Click on the dot beside the word "Recording", then Select recording instead of playback click "OK"

With the Playback or Master Out Control Panel if you have "WAV" and or "DIGITAL" sliders these also control the audio heard.

For clearer audio reduce the wav and digital sliders and increase the master out slider.

After you have done this, the mixer will now show the input levels instead of the output levels.
Select recording instead of playback

Most soundcards have an Advanced option with a 20dB Gain or AGC option, make sure there is a check mark in the box.
Change from the Playback mixer to the Recording mixer.

Be sure that the slider is pulled up on the microphone control, and that there is a check mark in the "Select" box or it is unchecked if you have the "Mute" option.
Select recording instead of playback

If your sound card has the microphone displayed on the Playback or Master Out Control Panel these should be muted as you will hear yourself through your speakers when talking. The microphone should only be selected or un-muted in the Recording Control.