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Packet Station

Frequency----------> 144.875 MHz.
Operator -----------> Paul (VK2JPL)
P.M.S. callsign---->VK2JPL-1
Digipeat Vie-------> VK2JPL or VK2JPL-1
Location------------> Lawson- 750m above sea level-                                 (About 80k West of Sydney)
Program------------> TPK
Computer----------> Pentium- 150m CPU IBM (Compatible)
TNC----------------> MFJ 1274
Transceiver-------> Yaesu FT-208R + home brew 15 Watt amp.
Antennae----------> Discone- 14m above ground

Packet Station


2m Repeater

Callsign--------> VK2RTS

Location-------> Lawson- (approx.) West of Sydney in the Blue Mountains-
                           750m above sea level.

Frequency----> Transmit--147.325 MHz.
Receive-------> 147.925 MHz.

Transmitter-->Home-brew 25 Watts through 2 hybrid loop cavity notch                             filters with a total 100dBi rejection on receive frequency
                           Watts at antenna- (approx.) 12.

Receiver-----> Home-brew double conversion super heterodyne with                                helical line band-pass filter front-end - through 2                                hybrid  loop cavity notch filters with a total 100dBi                                 rejection on transmit freq.
                               ( Mute opens 0.2 microvolts )

Controller----> Home-brew

Antenna-------> Home-brew 3 element yagi 90Deg. Beam width- Direction                               North East from lawson.  Rear lobe- 10dB down

Notes----------> The Whole of the design and construction was done by
                           Ralph VK2ZRG /VK2NR with the assistance of Paul                            VK2JPL -  Except For the Controller Which was designed                            and constructed by John VK2TJM.

2m Repeater

  ATV Repeater

Callsign--------> VK2RTS

Location--------> Lawson- aprox.west of Sydney in the Blue
 750m above sea level.



Transmitter > (446.500MHz))-DVB-T/DVB-S through
                       40 Watts Mosfet PA.   
Antennas----> Home-brew 8 over 8- 11 dB  gain.                                  
Notes---------> To receive you will need a manually tuneable
                         digital settop box or television
                         Set Width at 7 MHz

Frequency-----> 1250 MHz. FM NEC 1022a- Extensively Modified.


Procedure->  Using  the 147.325 MHz Voice Repeater 
DTMF  tones
                        (1) then 2) 446.5Mhz DVB-Ttransmitter on and brings
                             up colour bars (timeout if no ATV signal Hr.)
                             1250 MHz. FM Television signal beamed towards                             Lawson the controller will switch over automatically

                      (3) Switches off the 446.5 MHz transmitter and
                            closes ATV repeater

                      (7) Changes bars pattern (Any tone to change back)

                      (8) Turns colour bars off and allows weak signals to
                            be received  (any tone returns to colour bars)    

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     Note The ATV Freq. 426.25 has been withdrawn Within the Sydney area because of a deal between the WIA and ACA (there was no participation or Consolation with the ATV'es affected-(Click to see Map)

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 List Of People That Without Their Participation These Services Would Not Exist

Ralph VK2NR---   Design, construction, and Maintenance- 2m Receiver, Transmitter, Filters, Antenna etc.

John VK2TJM---  Design and construction 2m Controllers

Julie VK2XBR--   Design and construction ATV Transmitters- (Julie is Now a Silent Key)

Dave VK2GIO--   Design and construction ATV Controllers Antennas, Maintenance of ATV Equipment

Michael VK2EK- Construction 1250Mhz Receiver. supply install Coax Cable and Antennas

Paul VK2JPL--     Site and Assisting with the Maintenance of the above

Paul VK2KZO-     Supply Colour Bar Generator card and other equipment

Ashley (Trash) VK2XSO-   Supply guy wire and work on erecting anteners , setting up the
                                             Web site.
Garry VK2CRJ Setting Up the DVB-T/S 446.5Mhz Transmiter and Mosfet 40 Watt Amp

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