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            Coffs Harbour & District Amateur Radio Club. [inc.]

Established 15th October 1978.

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                     russell  vk2vk                     les  vk2cpc                eric  vk2es                

                                     President                        Vice President                       Secretary                              Treasurer

                                               Russell Ashdown               Les Sidebottom                    Eric Shaw                           Fred McSkimming [freddo] 

                    vk2vk                            vk2cpc                               vk2es                                   vk2fm

                            ph  0409 155123                ph 6653 5288                      ph  6652 3495                       ph   6653 1511

                Clubhouse,  with new outside cladding.


 H.F. net operators: Rotation sequence is  ..  TEZ.  CPC.  VK.  LL.  VF. 


  Financial Membership List  +  [ silent keys ]

Chadarc   History

 Weekly Club Meetings.

Thursday mornings, 10:00am till 2 pm. Anyone interested in Amateur Radio is welcome to attend.

$2.00 door fee, ... for tea, coffee, biscuits.

Visit our clubhouse at the Rex Hardaker Oval on Hogbin Drive [south]. Toormina.  ....    Click for map  

 On-Air Nets info.

Our first net 

Mondays 8:00pm on 3.609MHz. [ add 3+khz if occupied ]

Wednesdays & Fridays @ 8.00pm on 146.750 and 146.850MHz.  [linked]

 Net Controllers are   VK2's;  tez, cpc, vk, LL, vf,  on hf  and  vk2bmk on vhf,  ... all operating as VK2EP.  All call-ins most welcome.

Coming events & dates

40 years of Club activities 1978 - 2018. this October. 

            Next  meeting ...  AGM,  Thursday 15th November, 2018,  @ 11am.  

click > > > Log  ... Lighthouse weekend,  Smoky Cape. 18-19 August, 2018.  


     Click      >>>      Pictures    [ of  Smoky Cape

      Click    > > >    The Solitary Island Award   

Click for HF band predictions.

Repeaters information

                                                                                                                               Coffs  146.850Mhz   Coramba Mtn.    ...[ 123hz tone reqd ]

                    Dorrigo 146.750Mhz.  Francis Lookout  ...[ 123hz tone reqd ]

750 and 850 are permanently linked via the UHF repeater.

146.650Mhz, Clubhouse [ 123hz tone reqd ]

6m repeater  at Francis Lookout,  Dorrigo.   tx 53.750, ...rx 52.750 ... no tone reqd

  Macksville  146.875Mhz, ... Mt Yarrahappini.

          Committee Members 

President         Russell      VK2VK

                                                              Vice President      Les          VK2CPC   [ repeater linking & echolink ]

  Secretary         Eric         VK2ES  

                                                                                                     Treasurer        Freddo     VK2FM .. Publicity, Assets & Web                                                           

Committee :  Paul    VK2YX  [ repeaters ]

                   Terry    VK2TEZ [ projects ]

                     Ian      VK2LL   [ projects ]

 Email the club here         or     snail-mail     to       PO Box 655, Coffs Harbour, NSW. 2450.


Club Constitution

Download Membership application form here

Club history with pics  >>>               

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