Peak Voltage 8.5 KV, Anode Current 8 A, Output 8.3 KW.


Several years ago I was researching the development of military radio in Australia. I wondered if the Radiophysics Laboratory, RPL, part of the CSIRO, might have been involved. Instead I discovered a large archive of the Australian development of radar during WW2. These files, around twelve 4 drawer filing cabinets, were stored away and long forgotten. They were still classified Top Secret and I had to get permission from the Chief of RPL to view them. A while later the Australian War Memorial, AWM, put Mr. Ed Simmons in touch with me. Ed was a WW2 RAAF ground radar technician and was researching radar from the RAAF view. Ed and his co-authors, Morrie Fenton and Norm Smith went on to publish a number of books on RAAF ground radar and in doing so revived the RAAF radar association, bringing together many of the old personnel who had lost touch, and discovering history that would have been lost forever. Their books also served as models for similar publications in other countries. I was pleased to provide technical information and help Ed and his crew. (I was "adopted" by the Radar Association, which caused some amusement at luncheons when little old ladies, ex-servicewomen or spouses of servicemen and now in their 70's, couldn't help asking if I'd lied big time about my age when I joined the services.) I wrote a brief history of RAAF ground radar for Electronics Australia in 1993 and a number of radar related articles for other magazines. As a result of all this activity I accumulated a large data base of radar related publications and it is listed below. It's not complete and probably never will be.

There has been an enormous amount written about the development of radar, some excellent and some of it a load of rubbish, and there is steady trickle of new publications, some of which falls into the latter category. For further extensive references I recommend “A Radar History of World War II” by Louis Brown, published 1999.

 Because I was researching radar in Australia there are Australian radar reports that are not necessarily available elsewhere.

 This list is set out with:

         Origin,  Subject,  Catalog No.,  Author,  Publisher,  Date

The abbreviations are as follows:

The Origin code is the country from which the publication emanated:
A      Australia C     Canada G      Germany
J     Japan NZ    New Zealand R     Russia
SA    South Africa UK    United Kingdom US    U.S.A.

The Subject code is:

MH      Military History RH    Radar History WH      Wireless History
MT      Military Technical

RT    Radar Technical

WT      Wireless Technical

The Catalog No. is the ISBN or other reference number allocated to the publication.

Author is self explanatory.

The Publisher is:
CSIR      Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (Australia) RAA   Royal Australian Artillery
RPL      Radiophysics Laboratory (Sydney) AP    Air Publication (UK RAF)
HMSO  Her Majesty's Stationery Office (UK)  

Date is when first published.

Periodicals and Magazines are shown in inverted commas.

154 Radar, Truscott 1944-45 (The Story of a RAAF Radar Station in the Kimberleys)
            A, RH, 0 959 68664 9, Fenton M., M.Fenton, 1990

1975 Pioneer Award (to Ivan A. Getting of MIT for Microwave radar developments)
            USA, RH, IEEE AES TRANS. Vol. 11 No. 5 Sept. 1975

200 M/c Radar Interrogator-Beacon Systems
            UK, RH, Wood K.A., Journal of I.E.E. Vol. 93 Pt. III (Radiolocation), 1946

73 Wing in Action
            UK, MH, Air 16-914, UK Public Records Office

Adventures in Radar
            A, RH, Porter F.H., private publication, 1946

Aerials for Metric and Decimetric Wavelengths (Radar)
            UK, RT, Smith R.A., Cambridge University Press, 1949

Aerials for Radar Equipment
         UK, RH, Ratcliffe J., Journal of I.E.E. Vol. 93 Pt. III (Radiolocation), 1946

Airborne Electronic Warfare, History, Technique and Tactics
         UK, MH, 0 7106 0353 3, Streetly M., Janes, 1988

Analysis of the Development of Transportable Air Warning Equipment in Australia
         A, RH, White F.W.G., RPL, RP. 179, 1943

Angel on the Yardarm: the Beginnings of Fleet Radar Defense and the Kamikaze Threat
         US, RH, Monsarratt J., Naval War College, 1985

Army Radar
         UK, RH, Sayer A.P., War Office UK, 1950

         UK, RT, A.P. 2544A Vol. 1, 1943

Audit of War, The
         UK, MT, 0 333 4358 7, Barnett C., Macmillan, 1986

Australian Science in the Making, Ch. 10, Science on Service, 1939-45
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Australian Telecommunications at War
         A, MH, Mingay O. (editor), “Radio and Electrical Retailer”, May 1946

Awards to Radar Pioneers
         UK, RH, “Wireless World”, March 1952

Bawdsey, Birth of the Beam
         UK, RH, 0 8613 8017 7, Kinsey G., Terence Dalton, 1983

Bernard Lovell, a Biography
         UK, RH, 0 7090 1745 6, Saward D., Hale and Co., 1984

BL4, IFF Interrogator
         US, RT, MIL-HDBK-162B (pages 1197-98), 1973

BL4, IFF Interrogator
         US, RT, Installation Instructions IB-128A and IB-190, 1943

BL4, IFF Interrogator
         A, RT, Manual of BL4 Equipment, ACD-2052, 1943

Boffin, A Personal Story of the Early Days of Radar, Radio Astronomy and Quantum Optics
         UK, RH, 0 7503 0130 9, Hanbury Brown R., Adam Hilger, 1991

‘Boffins’ of Botany Bay, The (radar)
         A, RH, 0 727 3061, Macleod R. (editor), Australian Academy of Science, 1999

Bombers Eye, The
         UK, RH, Saward A.

Bordfunkgerate der Deutschen Luftwaffe 1935-45
         G, RH, Trenkle F., Motorbuch Verlag, 1979

Bordfunkgerate-vom Funkensender zum Bordradar
         G, RH, 3 7637 5289 7, Trenkle F., Bernard and Graefe Verlag, 1986

Brief History of Aircraft Detection Equipment by the Radio Position Finding Section of Sig. Corps Labs.
         US, RH, Anon., 1945 ?

British Microwave Radar 1939-41
         US, RH, Robinson D.M., Am. Phil. Soc V127, 1983

Bruneval Raid, The (Raid on German radar station)
         UK, RH, Millar G., Book Club Associates, 1974

Butement, Dr. W.A.S., First Chief Scientist for Defence (Australia)
         A, RH, Williams B., Aust. Govt. Printing Office, 1991

Butement, The Remarkable Work of Alan
A, RH, Newton D., "Despatch" NSW Military Historical Society, Vol. 27 No. 4, 1992

Cathode Ray Tube in Radio Research, The
         UK, WT, Watson Watt, 1925?

C.H. Radiolocation Transmitters
         UK, RH, Dodds J. and Ludlow J., Journal of I.E.E. Vol. 93 Pt. IIA (Radiolocation), 1946

Cavity Magnetron, The
         UK, RH, Boot H. and Randall J., Journal of I.E.E. Vol. 93 Pt. IIA (Radiolocation) 1946

Cavity Magnetrons
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Cavity Oscillator Circuits
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Centimeter Wave Magnetrons
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CH - The First Operational Radar
         UK, RH, Neale B.T., GEC Journal of Research Vol. 3, 1985

CIC Bulletin
         US, RT, May  - 1945 - Radar, Japanese
                       July   - 1945 - Radar, Japanese
                      Aug.  - 1945 - Radar, Japanese

Challenge of War
         UK, MH, Hartcup G., David and Charles, 1970

Civil Application of Radar, The
         A, RH, Bowen E.G., IRE (Aust) June, 1946

Complete Summary of Australian RDF Sets
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Conference on Radio and Radar Components
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Confound and Destroy
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Contributions to Victory (Radar)
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         UK, RH, Kendall B., “Amateur Radio” (UK) April/May, 1987

CSIR Radiophysics Reports. (Design and Development of Australian Radar)
         A, RH, Various series ie MUM, PD, RLR, RP, RPM, TI, CSIR, 1939- ..

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Cumulative Index of Radar Systems for 1985-1989
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Digest of Airborne Radio and Radar News
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                       June 10 - 1945 - Radar, Japanese
                       June 25 - 1945 - Radar, RCM against Japanese

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"Echoes of War" (video)
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