Updated: March 26, 2006I

VE9UN      Fred          506-472-3215                 Jan 06
 (S) 2 meter larsen koduckie                        12.00          
  (S) kenwood 251a 2 meter mobile                    200.00
 (S) larsen magnamount for 2 mtrs                   32.00
 (S) Kenwood pc1a phonepatch w/manual               40.00
 (S) rotor control unit,ham sp for visually impaired
     but not necessary by norms rotor service with
     manual                                          125.00
 (S) rotor CD-45 and control unit as well as 2 -45 foot
     lenths of control cable                        200.00
 (S) rotor wilson WR-500 and control unit and manual as well
     25 feet of cable                                225.00
 (S) universal frequency counter .1 to 175 mhz.  BK-precision
     dynascan corporation model 1822                175.00
 (S) numerous coax connectors call for list

VE1PGC     Phil          506-633-1384  or [email protected]  Jan 06
 (S) Yaesu ft-301d plus matching 12 volt speaker -power
     supply this is a transisterized hf rig with the digital
     display also a burned copy of manual            375.00
VE9TJW     Ted           506-849-2210 or [email protected]    Jan 06
 (S) tvi filter                                       25.00
 (S) mfj telepatch                                    40.00
 (S) aec swr/power meter                              20.00
VE9SAB     Wayne         506-832-0998 or [email protected]     Jan 06
 (W) Ham callsign plates
VE9SNB     Glen          506-757-8935                       Jan 06                 
 (S) tubes Glen has many tubes thousands of then if       
     looking than give him a call
VE9RW      Ron           506-738-9814                       Jan 06
 (S) Astron RS-7  PSU                                 35.00
 (S) KMT-10 amp PSU   like the astron style          50.00
VE9GFI     Greg          506-647-4734 or [email protected]  Feb 06
 (S) Kenwood TS 820S with ge desk mic and manual as well
     AS the schematic                                 375.00
VE9CL      Bob             506-657-5795 or [email protected]
(S)  Kenwood TS820S HF 10-80 meter TXCR. Working. $75.00
(S)  Alinco DR570T dual band (144/440) mobile, mic, power cable, mobile
bracket $165.00
(S)  Alinco DJ120T 2 meter handheld, rubber duck, and wall charger. Battery
does not hold charge. $65.00
(S)  Heathkit HW12 80 meter SSB TXCR,, power supply. Working. $50.00
(S)  GE Phoenix SX , VHF FM 16 CH  programmed for 2 meters, mic $ 60.00
(S)   RM KL400 Broadband HF Linear Amplifier, NEW, $125.00
(S)   Radiowavz G5RV Jr. 10-40 meter antenna, NEW, $40.00
(S)   Discone 2000 Broadband Antenna TX & RX 25-1300 MHz. $ 35.00
(S)   Pro-Am HF Mobile Antenna(s) (like Hansticks) 3/8 X 24 thread, rated at
250 watts, 10M, 15M, 20M, 40M, 80M. $ 15.00 each, or $ 65.00 for set.
VE9BC    Brian           506-672-3515 or cel639-2493 or [email protected]
(wtb) dualband handheld must come with batt charger and manual and ant
VE1IM   Lorne            506 763-2486 or [email protected]
(free) Grundig shortwave receiver am/fm turntable doesn't work floor model

For additions deleations or inquires please call Phil  VE1PGC at 
506- 633- 1384 or [email protected]