VE8/VY0 QSL Bureau

Are you a current or former VE8 or VY0 amateur radio operator?  Many operators around the world want to confirm their contact with you to receive a rare QSL card from Canada’s Arctic.

“The final courtesy of a QSO is a QSL…”


Info for Collectors and DXers

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Active Bureau Users

VE8/VY0 stations that are registered with the bureau.


No-QSL List

Stations that prefer to not receive QSL cards via the bureau.


QSL Managers

Most expeditions and short-term operations have a QSL manager somewhere else.  Check here before you QSL via the bureau.





Info for VE8/VY0 Amateurs

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Cards Waiting

Do I have QSLs here for you?


QSL Bureau Policies

Making it work for everyone.


Add Funds

The easy way to top up your bureau account.


Outgoing QSL Cards

Don’t send them to me!



Contact the VE8/VY0 QSL Bureau