VE8EV For Sale Items

This page is updated as soon as an item is sold.  If it is still here it is still available.  All items are in Canadian dollars (roughly C$1.00= US$0.75), postage extra (surprisingly inexpensive to just about anywhere!).  Photos are the actual item for sale.  If you want something or have any questions just email me: (my callsign)

Update 11/18/2019:Only the rx array system and the amps left...

Hi-Z Antennas 2-3-LV2-40 receiving array $450

This was a Christmas gift last year but I donít really have room for it.It includes everything except the antenna elements to build a high RDF receiving array, switchable in four directions.Requires three 20-foot vertical monopoles spaced 40-feet apart in a right-angle triangle arrangement.Works best on 160 and 80m but provides directivity up to the higher bands.Includes all the OEM components plus 3 x 100ft RG-6 cables, 1 x 60ft RG-6 cable and 1x 60ft control cable.Check out the details at (the link is for both the 2 and 3 element versions).

2 Canadian Marconi BH30 1kw commercial HF amplifiers
Both for $1000

These monsters were used in commercial HF marine applications in the 1970s and 80s.Rated for 1000W continuous commercial service they cover 2-22MHz, pre-programmed for any 12 frequencies in that range.They use a pair of 3-500Z tubes and heavy duty everything.They require 240V for full output but will run on 120V with reduced power.Each amplifier weighs 375 pounds.I have only ever powered up one of them and have used it for the past 10 years.The other also appears to be complete save for a few parts I borrowed (replacements included) but Iíve never tested it.In the one Iíve been using I installed brand new 3-500ZG tubes in 2009 (the original tubes were still good) and added a bit of extra capacitance so it will cover the 160m band.I have it programmed for my favorite part of each amateur band and with a low-cost band interface like this one it will operate virtually hands free, just a little tweaking of the tune knob required near the band edges.Iíll throw in a remote manual selector switch as well.The picture above is one of mine, here is a link with some more pictures (not mine)

For both amplifiers, 1x control cable and manual selector switch, 2x 3-500ZG tubes (installed), 2x 3-500Z tubes (known good), 4x 3-500Z tubes (condition unknown, 2 installed in 2nd amp + 2 spares), and 2x original service manuals, Iím looking for $1000

Crated shipping weight and dimensions would be approximately 800 pounds and 48"x40"x36Ē.If someone from Yukon or Alaska is interested Iíll be driving down to Whitehorse in December 2019 then Fairbanks and Whitehorse again in June 2020 and could deliver them in person.

Iíd really like to see these units go to a good home, the only reason Iím letting them go is that I now have a pair of solid-state amps so no reason to hang on to the BH30s any more.