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I am active on all HF bands except 160M, but my favourite is the Magic Band, 6 Meters.  If  I was lucky enough to have worked you in a Grid Square I need I will send you a QSL with a S.A.S.E. within the week.  Usually the next day!

I am always more than happy to confirm my Grid, Province, Country, Island or Special Callsign for you via the Bureau or Direct. If direct Please S.A.S.E.

VA7SKI Expedition Page

This QSL was issued for a VHF Expedition I took part in which operated from the top of Blackcomb Mtn, Whistler
British Columbia, Canada in the rare Grid Square CO80 during the 1996 CQ WW VHF Contest.

I have activated the following Grids by either Expedition or Rover trip:
CN75, CN76, CN85, CN86, CN87, CN88, CN97, CN98, CN99, CO80
and of course the Home Grid CN89

Here are some of my favourite useful and unusual links on the World Wide Web

RAC - Radio Amateurs of Canada  Buckmaster online Callbook
ARRL - American Radio Relay League  QRZ Online Callbook
AMSAT  - Amateur Earth Orbiting Satellite Information  
  OH2AQ Web Cluster
 50 MHz Six News Telnet links to Packet Clusters all over the World!
 UK Six Meter Group, Real Audio beacon files & more! The VE7CQD Packet DX Cluster link via the Internet
Enter Callsign for Logon and Password is: DX 
Also turn on "Local Echo" in your Telnet Application.
 West Coast Amateur Radio Association  Online DX-pedition Logbooks from all over the World!
Solar Terrestrial Dispatch- Solar Flare, Aurora, Coronal Mass Ejection Warnings, Real Time Images, Solar Indices, etc.  
 Weather info from U of Hawaii for those of us intereseted in High Pressure systems that cause Tropospheric Ducting Whats on the radio in Washington DC? Find out by listening and tuning this online Receiver!
 Art Bell - He's a Ham and proud of it and he also has his own nightly talkshow heard by millions  Comprehensive list of Canadian Amateur Radio Sites
 High frequency Active Auroral Research Program: better known as  H.A.A.R.P.  

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