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                                                 DJ3FY 1961 Stuttgart                           VE7HFY  Smithers, B.C.


Welcome to my ham-radio-web-page...

                              In 1961, I passed the ham-radio licensing examination in Stuttgart, Germany and became DJ3FY.

                                    For more than 40 years I was df3fy, but when we emmigrated to Canada in 1995

I became VE7HFY




What is Amateur Radio ?

Amateur radio (also known as "Ham Radio") is a hobby for radio-communications enthusiasts who enjoy the technical challenges of radio; who enjoy communicating with others around the world or around the corner; or combining an interest in computers and wireless technologies. Amateurs are licenced by the Federal Government and must only use their equipment and assigned frequencies for non-commercial purposes. Radio Amateurs also play a role in providing communications during emergencies and for public service events. 
The hobby has many facets. Some just like chatting with other operators, some like building equipment or experimenting with antennas, others enjoy aspects of the hobby such as bouncing signals of the moon or devising ways to integrate computers and radio. To find out more about Amateur Radio, check out the Radio Amateurs of Canada web site ( Radio Amateurs of Canada). 

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Manfred Lange DK3UD, Hamburg /Germany

Georg Sassermann OE7HNT, Arzl/ Austria

Helga & Werner Zielke DJ2HZ/ Germany

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