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Victoria Short Wave Club was established in 1929; its Amateur Radio License is VE7EZ. The club is interested in Amateur Radio operations on all the Amateur Radio frequencies allotted by Industry Canada. Meetings are held monthly on the third Tuesday of the month in a "tea" / meeting room in the Four Mile House, 199 Island Highway, Victoria, B.C. V9B 1G1 (tel 250-479-2514) at 11:30 a.m. and are comprised of routine business, an order-from-the-menu lunch (with individual bills),and social. Visitors are welcome. There are no meetings on July, August and December. The annual membership fee is $10 and the Club year begins January 1.

The Victoria Shortwave Club welcome any additional licenced HAMS and their companions

The next VSWC MEETING/LUNCHEON is on Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 at 11:30 A.M. at the Four Mile House "Tea-Room".

Field Day is held on the 4th complete weekend in June. This year Field Day starts at 1800 hrs UTC on Saturday June 27, 2020 and, ends at 2059 hrs UTC on Sunday June 28, 2020. Due to Covid-19 ( Coronavirus), there will be changes in the way things are organized during field day. IE: Most stations will operate from their home backyards on emergency power, etc.

Sony ICF7600Gr (Yr. 2005) & WW2 BC312 (Circa 1936)

President is Ronald Radford VE7DEH [ Amateur Radio Licence 1974 ]

HF Amateur Radio Nets I regularly check-in to are: DRN7 & BCPSN Nets and the Noon Time Net

DRN7 NET: 365 day YEAR-ROUND LOCAL TIME 09:30 Hrs. on 3925 KHz LSB & LOCAL TIME 15:00 Hrs. on 3925 KHz LSB

NOON TIME NETS: 365 day YEAR-ROUND LOCAL TIME 12:00 Hrs. on 7283.5 KHz LSB AND 3970 KHz LSB

N.B. : The ALTERNATE frequency for both the 40 metre and 80 metre NOON TIME NETS is 7265.0 KHz

BCEN CW Traffic Net : Year Round Local Time 19:00 Hrs. on 3652 KHz.

I am a member 1608 of the following Morse Code Organization Straight Key Century Club

Treasurer is Rose Hawthorne VE7KL

NRC SW Broadcasts CHU Time Standard

Radio Station WWV Time Standard

W1AW (ARRL) Code & Voice & Digital Bulletin Broadcast Schedule


KSM is a coast station in the grand tradition of KPH and the dozens of other such stations that once existed in the USA. MRHS (Maritime Radio Historical Society) felt it needed its own coast station to carry on the traditions and preserve the skills of the art of maritime radio through actual use. KSM uses the original transmitters, receivers and antennas of KPH. The station is licensed for communications with ships at sea using both CW and RTTY modes in the MF and HF marine bands. Many of the volunteers at KSM are Amateur Radio Operators with valid licences.


For Amateur Radio Operators that do not have a current antenna or are travelling: EchoLink is a computer-based Amateur Radio system that allows radio amateurs to communicate with other amateur radio operators using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology. A current Amateur Radio licence is required for the validation process.

Note: There are other VOIP Amateur Radio computer based systems that can be found by searching the internet.

Four Mile House Website (Location of VSWC Meeting)

Victoria Shortwave Club Christmas Luncheon December 4, 2018

Victoria Shortwave Club Christmas Luncheon December 1, 2017

Victoria Shortwave Club Christmas Luncheon November 25, 2016

Victoria Shortwave Club October 18, 2016

Victoria Shortwave Club February 17, 2015

Victoria Shortwave Club January 20, 2015

Victoria Shortwave Club 85th Anniversary Christmas Meal 2014

Victoria Shortwave Club & Clallum County ARC August 21, 2011

Copywrighted VSWC CCARC Photo by www.robertlovettphoto.com

Circa Early Year 1930 Victoria Shortwave Club & Visitors

This Picture is by Photographer H.R. Stenton

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