80m and 40m Yagi at 100'....Looking East at sunrise
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DX ing at VE6WZ

I was licensed in 1973 when I was 15 yrs old as VE3HBX. The DX-bug bit, and within a few years I had my first DXCC. Ham radio went on hold for 18 yrs as I attended university, graduating with a BSc in Geology, started my career in the oil business in VE6 land, got married and started a family. My wife Marie and I now have three wonderful children. DX ing began again from the new QTH as VE6WZ on Jan. 11,1998. In 2 years I worked 5BDXCC  and in the last 14 years I have worked 335 countries total mixed. My main interest is working DX on the lowbands...40, 80 and 160....you will only very rarely hear VE6WZ above 7 mHz.

114W, 51N grid DO-21 elev. 1240m   Calgary, Ab. Canada (Click to see a Satellite view of the VE6WZ QTH)