Go here to W8JI's page for details of the mod: http://www.w8ji.com/keyclicks.htm

This mod. was very straightforward and was finished within  1/2 hr.

Listen here for before and after audio (recorded on the ICOM 756proII -signal at 40db over s-9 with some overload):

Before the mod.....TX on 7027, sweep down from 7030 to 7025: Yaesu7027up30dwn25.mp3

(listen for the tell-tale machine gun, ticka-ticka-tick sound below and above centre)

After the mod.......TX on 7027, sweep down from 7030 to 7025: Yaesuclickfix7027up30dwn25.mp3

(still some overload, but the clicks are all but gone)

View of the AF board.

Place the radio up-side down and remove the bottom panel.

Connector J3024 is identified by the pen.

pin 2 is the second from the right.

Close up of W8JI click mod.

The heavy gauge wire going to the ground lug acts as a mechanical support to suspend the mod. components above the board.