Elecraft K2 HF Transceiver



The Elecraft K2 is a 'kit radio' that I assembled and it has been my main station transceiver since July of 1999. The radio is a low power rig that draws very little current. Perfect for small battery and solar power setups. The receiver can be configured via the front panel to draw as low as ~ 150 ma. I have added the optional noise blanker unit and the SSB unit so far. Several other options are available. I operate CW about 99% of the time and this is where this transceiver really shines. The receiver performance of this radio is awesome and the QSK is incredible. You can have up to eight switchable and adjustable (via the front panel) CW filters at the moment using four CW normal/four CW reverse filters. Selectivity is excellent as is the sensitivity. I'm very happy with this transceiver and it was a 'blast' to constuct. The manual is written extremely well with excellent drawings and photos.

Check out the Elecraft website for complete details and specifications, rig comparisons, photos, etc. You can even download the complete manual for the transceiver and available options.

Here's a link to the Elecraft website.

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