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Radio Amateurs of Canada

City of Prince Albert Home Page

City of Prince Albert


Home Pages of Interest

VE7TCP Home Page

A full-featured home page for Amateurs, with links to a variety of interesting sites on the internet including DXing, Contesting, etc. etc.

The 59(9) Dx Report

One of the more comprehensive sites for the latest on DX-Peditions, etc with back issue copies, etc. on-line.

Northern California Dx Foundation

The home of the "grand-daddy of them all" in the DX world.  Information included on becoming a member, their services, etc.

The GOLIST DX QSL Listings

Home of the famous W6GO/K6HHD DX QSL Listings.  This service has a new owner, but the reliability of the information is unchanged!

LOG-EQF Logging Software

The logging software in use at VE5XX.   Can be used in either DOS or WINDOWS environment (currently running in Windows 98).   Excellent interface with radio's, tnc's, etc.  Packetcluster support and good reporting features.  Extensive import/export facilities included.

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