VE5QU and the Lakeland Amateur Radio Association Support Page!

The Lakeland Amateur Radio Association is a group of amateur radio operators that promotes the hobby through Fellowship, Respect Among Hams, Community Involvement, Experimentation and just having FUN with amateur radio.

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Above pictures are from our local Saturday breakfast at Lakeland Country Cottage Restaurant in Christopher Lake. Breakfast is held at 9:00am every Saturday.

Hope to see you there!!!

The Lakeland Repeater System is in operation for all amateur radio operators to enjoy. Financial support is not required to enjoy the system. We only ask that everyone respect others that may be listening to the system at all times. A list of Amateur Radio Operators that support the Lakeland Repeater System either by donating equipment, time or monetary are as follows:
Jim Bendle "Silent Key"VE5EBYoung, SK
Randy CanningVE5QUChristopher Lake, SK
Theresa CanningVE5QEChristopher Lake, SK
Roland OakenfoldVE5ROChristopher Lake, SK
Bob RobinsonVE5MYChristopher Lake, SK
Harold SlackVE5BCSChristopher Lake, SK
Ron HeinrichsVE5IFChristopher Lake, SK
Bill ThorntonVE5WATChristopher Lake, SK
Wayne WillisVE5WFWChristopher Lake, SK
Doug HopkinsVE5ICMChristopher Lake, SK
Rick WalkerVE5TWChristopher Lake, SK
Jeanne WalkerVE5JMWChristopher Lake, SK
Ray RoslerVE5RAENorth Battleford, SK
Art PetersonVE5IPPrince Albert, SK
Wayne ThompsonVE5DWTPrince Albert, SK
Art PedersonVE5AAPPrince Albert, SK
Gordon Chappell "Silent Key"VE5JHPrince Albert, SK
Hans Morken "Silent Key"VE5GMPrince Albert, SK
David RussellVE5DJRPrince Albert, SK
Peter WilliamsVE5PHWPrince Albert, SK
Keith StiebVE5XXPrince Albert, SK
Debbie RobinsonVE5DEBPrince Albert, SK
John AlexandersenVE5JJAPrince Albert, SK
Bill Klassen "Silent Key"VE5ALPrince Albert, SK
James WishartVE5JDWPrince Albert, SK
Claude PelletierVE5CLPPrince Albert, SK
Isaac PetersVE5IKEPrince Albert, SK
Robert SmithVE5BOBPrince Albert, SK
Bob RobinsonVE5RWRPrince Albert, SK
Eric QuiringVE5HGSaskatoon, SK
Doris QuiringVE5DJQSaskatoon, SK
Derek BerezaVE5SDSaskatoon, SK
Chris MorganVE5BARSaskatoon, SK
Linda MorganVE5LNDSaskatoon, SK
Harry HeletaVE5HFHPaddockwood, SK
Keith CurrieVE5HKCShellbrook, SK

The Lakeland Repeater System: The Beginning
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When we decided to first put up a repeater site in November, 1998 at the Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert, Sask., I consulted with several local amateurs who were interested in repeater experimentation by setting up another local repeater. Several local amateurs voluntarily donated toward a new repeater in P.A. This repeater was purchased and put into operation, now known as the VE5IOU repeater. We purchased a RLC#1 Controller, voice control and audio delay modules to upgrade the controller to improve the repeater system. Additionally, we decided to put a 10 Meter High Frequency Remote Base as part of the system.

As time passed, another GE Master Pro repeater was donated which we put on the air, now known as the VE5LAK repeater, located at Christopher Lake, Sask. Local amateurs donated the repeater antennas for both repeater sites. We then purchased an RLC#2 Controller complete with autopatch and audio delay module and hooked it up for awhile at the VE5LAK site.

The local amateurs asked about connecting the auto patch in Prince Albert since the phone line was available at the VE5IOU repeater site. We switched the controllers at both sites and hooked up the autopatch.

We purchased 2 UHF beams and had radios donated for the system to link the VE5IOU and the VE5LAK repeaters together, which was our latest project and this link is up at all times. We now have IRLP "Internet Radio Linking Project" node #1370. We upgraded both our repeater sites to G.E. Exec 2 repeaters in 2000 and use the G.E. Master Pro repeaters for standby operation.

To this point, all donations to the repeater project have been voluntary, and the repeater system was put in operation and available for use for the entire amateur radio community to enjoy. A special thanks to the Amateur Radio Community for its support of this project.

The Lakeland Repeater System is in operation for all amateur radio operators to enjoy and financial support toward the system is not needed to enjoy it. All that we ask is that you respect others that are listening.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!