Who is VE5QU?

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After living in Saskatoon for many years, my wife, Theresa (VE5QE), son Cody and daughter Christine are permanent residents at Emma Lake, Sask. We very much enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of living in the Lakeland Area. We have various hobbies from snowmobiling, waterskiing, boating, fishing, travelling and amateur radio is just one of the many.

I started my experience as an amateur radio operator in 1987 by obtaining the Amateur Radio Qualification and for the first year, as a ham, operated strictly Morse Code on the high frequency bands. In 1988, I upgraded my qualifications to the Advanced Class which allowed me to operate Voice and Morse Code on all high frequency bands. Over the years, I have enjoyed experimenting and meeting many new hams all over the world.

My latest experimentation projects have included: setting up VHF repeater systems and UHF linking; also setting up a high frequency remote base on one of our local repeaters, for 10 meter FM.

I very much enjoy getting together with other local amateurs and assisting with setting up their own radio systems and helping out any way that I can. I enjoy working on towers and putting up antennas as it gives me great pleasure to see how pleased other amateur operators are when they have their radio stations up and operating.

I believe it is important to keep internal politics within amateur radio to a minimum and not lose sight of the true meaning of amateur radio, which is: experimentation, enjoying the company of other hams, volunteering to help other hams and not expecting rewards, but just enjoying the satisfaction of knowing that you helped out your fellow amateur radio operator.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the amateur radio operators who have influenced me over the years and have shown me the true meaning of amateur radio: VE5HG, VE5SD, VE5EB, VE5SC, VE5RAE, VE5IP, VE5GM, VE5RO, VE5MY and many others that I admire.

Randy Canning - VE5QU

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