- VE5RC/VE5QRP Projects -

There are always projects on the go here; too many most of the time. Some get finished and some do not as my interests vary.

The "works in progress" at the present time are:

(1) the Elmer QRP 40+ transceiver. This is a very interesting rig in that it was used by 150+ amateurs who built them following an on-the-reflector course through the QRP-L reflector.

(2) I also have an HW-9 Heathkit qrp multiband transceiver which I bought in a comotose state and am slowly bringing back to life as time allows. Other amateurs have helped me obtain all the schematics for the HW-9 along with the WARC conversion kit for this radio.

(3) I have just completed the VE3DNL signal generator and added it to my work bench.

(4) I have ordered the NorCal SMK-1 kit. I want to have some hands-on at learning this technology and this looks like the opportunity to do so.

(5) There is one more kit that I want and that is the Elecraft K2... :-)

(6) I am also nearing completion of the SW-30 from Small Wonder Labs. The rig is working and I've made a number of contacts with it running at 1/2 watt lying on my bench hooked up with alligator clips. I am converting a data switchbox to house the rig. I wanted more audio so I'm experimenting with an LM386 audio amp. Small Wonder Labs SW-30.

I am also working on learning about solar power. At present I have 2 small "trickle charger" panels which I plan to run in parrellel to operate the SW-30. If arrangements work out, one of my ham buddies will be bringing me a solar panel controller kit from the Dayton hamfest.

SWL SW-30 going in the box --->>>