My initial launch into QRP operations began in 1994. Aside from the usual very enjoyable time at the annual Field Day event, participating in Public Service events and attending club meetings, I wasn't spending much time on the air or doing anything else connected with the hobby. About the only thing I was doing was being involved with the "marriage" of computers and radio. But somehow it wasn't quite the same.

Then one day as I was going through my junque box, I came across a small project that I had built years ago. The article came from 73 magazine and was called "A Vest Pocket QRP Rig." It was a crystal controlled qrp transmitter using a single 2N2222 on 40/80 mtrs, running about 1/2 watt. I had never put power to it to see if it would actually work. It was time to find out. I gave my friend Earl Murphy(VA6RF), who was VE5WF living in Regina at that time, a call to arrange a sked. Sked time came and I transmitted a test signal. Earl and I were also using 2 mtrs as our communication channel for this experiment. Earl reported that no signal was heard. So I rewound the output coil and we tried again. This time Earl reported reception of my signal, not ear shattering, but it was there! Terry Kiem, VE5TK, popped in on 2 mtrs that he was copying my signal 59 at White City which is on the outskirts of Regina. Suddenly ham radio was alive again for me! The fun and learning had begun once again!!