- VE5RC/VE5QRP Awards -

Similar to many amateurs, I have chased the bands for a few awards. I also have some QSL cards which I prize. As I have time, I will post some images here as well.

(1) - I have DXCC award #27,161, dated April 4,1988 and signed by Larry Price, W4RA and Donald Search, W3AZD. I have about 55 more qsl cards to send in but have been too busy doing others things so far; maybe when I retire next year eh!?!

(2) - I scored a double victory in the November 1998 Sweepstakes contest running VE5QRP in the QRP category. I won 2 plaques - the first one from the ARRL for First Place, Single Operator QRP, Phone, Saskatchewan section.

The second plaque for this same contest was presented to me by Don Cole, VE6EY, from the Executive of the Calgary Amateur Radio Association. It was presented at the first QRP Get-together at the Glacier/Waterton hamfest and it was a complete surprise for me!

(3) - On November 11, 1998, I was issued the A-1 Operator Club certificate from the A.R.R.L.

(4) - Canadian QRP Award.

(5) - USSR/Canada Polar Bridge award.

(6) - Worked All "QST" Award.

(7) - CARF Contest Award - first place Saskatchewan in Canada Day contest, single op - all bands mixed.

(8) - ARRL Sweepstakes Award - first place, multiop, phone - 1990 -

(9) - Maple Leaf Award, Oct.7/1987.

(10) - Commemoration of the 59th anniversary of the crash of the Hindenburg, May 10, 1987.

(11) - WAC - SSB phone, March 3, 1981.