- VE5RC/VE5QRP Antennas -

The antennas presently in use at VE5RC/VE5QRP are typical of a city lot installation. Like many amateur radio operators, I am frustrated not only with a small lot but the power cable comes from the electrical pole on the property line, kitty-corner across the backyard to the house. The cable company also follows this route as well as the telephone service. I am fortunate to have a 48 foot medium duty tower which is in the middle of the backyard in an east/west direction. In the north-south direction it had to be put at one corner of our garage which puts the tower about 12 feet in from the south side of the property line.

The tower supports an AEA Isopole "cone" antenna for omnidirectional use on 2 mtrs, and an 11 element yagi on 2 mtrs. Just below these two antennas is a HyGain 2 element tribander for 20/15/10 mtrs at the 50 foot level. I have a horizontal supporting pipe at the 48 foot level, clamped to the tower. One end of this pipe supports an inverted V for 80 mtrs and the apex of a Delta Loop for 40 mtrs. The other end of the pipe supports one end of a sloping dipole for 30 mtrs and one end of a bow-tie antenna for communications on 18 & 24 Mhz.