The Eastman Amateur Radio Club

home of the repeater with the world's largest backup power supply

The Club Raison d'Ętre

The Eastman Amateur Radio League Club was established by club members to provide a local repeater site for the members in the East Selkirk and Lockport area as well as a standby communications link to be used to provide aid to the local Municipal authorities in the event of a crisis requiring emergency communications assistance.

The Club Repeater Site

The repeater site is located in the Manitoba Hydro gas-fired generating station situated on the east side of the Red River just south of the City of Selkirk, in the Provice of Manitoba. The VHF and UHF antennas are installed on the power plant roof. Equipment installed consists of a VHF repeater operating at 146.73 MHz and a UHF repeater operating at 444.15 MHz.

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Information last updated 10 June 2009.