Monthly Report
Submitted to: ARES Central Ontario District DEC
Subject:  Central Ontario District Emergency Coordinator Report
Report Month/Year: November, 2003
Date Submitted:  November 28, 2003
EC Area of Responsibility: South Georgian Bay West Simcoe County
EC Name and Callsign:  Darren Lortie VE3REK
EC's Email Address: [email protected]
Club Names: South Georgian Bay ARC / Blue Mountain ARC
ARES Members this Report: 31
Registered Stations Increase/Decrease since last report:  0
Local Net Name:  South Georgian Bay West Simcoe ARES Net
Number of Net Sessions / Check-ins 4 Nets / 23 Check-ins - 2 Formal Traffic (1 Sent - 1 Rec'd)
Section Net Name: Ontario ARES Net - 7.150 MHz
Comments:  Simulated emergency test held on November 8, 2003.  6 stations took part in this years simulated emergency test.  Don VE3CBA operated net control.  This year the fire stations in Wasaga Beach were used during the SET to test the new equipment that has been installed in Wasaga Beach.  Dave VA3DK operated station 1, while Doug VE3TVD operated station 2.  Darren VE3REK was also at station 1 with Greg VA3KUG and Richard taking part from home and mobile respectively.  While lessons were learned about the stations, the SET was considered a complete success.

Wasaga Beach radio equipment is almost completely operational.  While there are a few housekeeping issues being worked out, the stations are completely assembled and functioning.  Complete notes will be posted on the SGBWS ARES website in the very near future.  Please check the website for more information.

NTS Liaison Station - Ken - VA3KEW, 0 traffic to / from ARES group to the OSN and the OPN.   Local traffic = 0 message. 

OBS - VA3KNR - Doug, read 4 Bulletins.

ARES data updated on local club web site and ARES web site 



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