Monthly Report
Submitted to:  ARES Central Ontario District DEC
Subject:  Central Ontario District Emergency Coordinator Report
Report Month/Year: March, 2002
Date Submitted:  March 28, 2002
EC Area of Responsibility: South Georgian Bay West Simcoe County
EC Name and Callsign:  Michael Moreau VE3LKI
EC's Email Address: [email protected]
Club Names: South Georgian Bay ARC / Blue Mountain ARC
ARES Members this Report: 30
Registered Stations Increase/Decrease since last report:  n/c
Local Net Name:  South Georgian Bay West Simcoe ARES Net
Number of Net Sessions / Checkins 4 Nets / 43 Check-ins - 8 Formal Traffic (4 Sent - 4 Rec'd)
Section Net Name: Ontario ARES Net - 7.150 MHz
Table Top Exercise for the Emergency Planning Committee for the Municipality of Wasaga Beach, was supported very well.  Registered stations responded from Midland, Perkinsfield, and Port McNicoll.  Within 7 minutes of arrival, one APRS station, one Packet station, and one VHF/UHF phone station was in operation.  A great deal was learned by all group members.

Continued training for communication operation modes for ARES Response.  March meeting attended by 12 operators.  Topic was Basics / Refresher on the PSK31 mode for both HF and VHF/UHF.  Next month's session will be on  SSTV.

NTS Liason Station - Ken - VA3KEW, X traffic to / from ARES group to the OSN and the OPN.  Formal net report traffic commenced during this month. Local traffic = 8.   OBS - Doug - VA3KNR read 4 Bulletins.

VE3REK-1 BBS hardware upgrades - local area transmitter power boosted to 45 watts - links to "outside" network remain the same.  Potential for FBB software upgrade later this year to allow for full mail / messaging / file services. 

APRS Digi - VE3REK placed on air as local node, but open to all users.  Information on local area and ARES available through the Digi.

Organizing a group to attend the CANWARN seminar in Orillia in April.

ARES data updated on local club website and ARES website weekly.


M. K. Moreau - VE3LKI - Emergency Coordinator - SGBWS ARES.
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