Monthly Report
Submitted to:  ARES Central Ontario District DEC ([email protected])
Subject:  Central Ontario District Emergency Coordinator Report
Report Month/Year: July, 2001
Date Submitted:  July 31, 2001
EC Area of Responsibility: South Georgian Bay West Simcoe County
EC Name and Callsign:  Michael Moreau VE3LKI
EC's Email Address: [email protected]
Club Names: South Georgian Bay ARC / Blue Mountain ARC
ARES Members this Report: 19
Membership Increase/Decrease since last report:  No Change
Local Net Name:  South Georgian Bay West Simcoe ARES Net
Number of Net Sessions / Checkins 4 Nets / 28 Checkins - 1 Informal Traffic
Section Net Name: Not yet established
NTS Net: Not yet established
Comments:  Completed draft of ARES Training PowerPoint Presentation

ARES data updated on local club website weekly 

Appointed AEC's - Operations - Greg, KC8KUG/VE3 - July 04, 2001
                             - Logistics - Bob, VE3WW - July 04, 2001

Cycling For Children Event - West Simcoe Sector provided support from Grey County to hand-off to Barrie Amateur Radio Club.  Doug - VE3TVD, Tracey - VE3TJM, Rod - VE3RP, and Ed - VE3TVX, escorted the Jutte Family and Jim - VE3JNJ through West Simcoe County.  The Barrie Amateur Radio Club picked up the convoy and escorted them to Barrie, made them comfortable overnight, and provided support during brake repairs.  Ken - VE3OKS, Brad - VE3SLI, Wendy VA3WCF, Gillian VA3JJF, Connie, Arnie VE3DPI, Dennis VE3DHA, 
Peter VE3PJM, and Brad VA3BZZ provided various functions in the Central Simcoe County area.

Midland Triathlon - July 08/2001 - communications supported by combined ARES members and the South Georgian Bay ARC members.  Don - VA3DEG, John - VE3UJK, Richard - VE3SQT, Dan - VE3VKR, Derrick - VA3LAH, Doug - VA3KNR, Darren - VE3REK,  Greg - KC8KUG/VE3, and Michael - VE3LKI.

Collingwood Triathlon - July 14/2001 - communications supported by combined ARES members, Grey County ARES, and the Blue Mountain ARC members.

Commenced planning for NTS traffic training - Greg - KC8KUG/VE3 and Ken - VA3KEW will be developing a program for an early fall presentation.


M. K. Moreau - VE3LKI - Emergency Coordinator - SGBWS ARES.
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