Monthly Report
Submitted to: ARES Central Ontario District DEC
Subject:  Central Ontario District Emergency Coordinator Report
Report Month/Year: August, 2003
Date Submitted:  August 31, 2003
EC Area of Responsibility: South Georgian Bay West Simcoe County
EC Name and Callsign:  Darren Lortie VE3REK
EC's Email Address: [email protected]
Club Names: South Georgian Bay ARC / Blue Mountain ARC
ARES Members this Report: 31
Registered Stations Increase/Decrease since last report:  0
Local Net Name:  South Georgian Bay West Simcoe ARES Net
Number of Net Sessions / Check-ins 1 Nets / 12 Check-ins - 0 Formal Traffic (0 Sent - 0 Rec'd)
Section Net Name: Ontario ARES Net - 7.150 MHz
Comments:  Monthly net schedule has been suspended for the Months of July and August as a break to allow summer time holidays.

Notes from Emergency Net activated on August 14, 2003 due to widespread power outage:

16:20 (approx) - Doug VA3KNR and Bob VE3INY started an emergency net on VE3BMR repeater with VA3KNR as net control.  Selection was due to it being the only repeater whos backup power switched over immediately  Stations on net VA3KNR (net control), VE3INY, VE3NLS, VE3FSH, VE3REK, VE3TVD, VE3AOE, VE3LKI, VE3ERA, KB1IQG, VE3CBA.

16:30 - SGBWS ARES EC Darren VE3REK checked into net.

16:35 - DEC Mike VE3LKI notified by landline by SGBWS ARES EC Darren VE3REK that SGBWS ARES net was activated on VE3BMR repeater.

17:00 - Checks were done on other local repeaters to establish which ones were still up.  VE3MGB, VE3LSR (City of Barrie ARES), VE3OSR (Grey County ARES), VE3ZAP (Dufferin County ARES), VE3BMR (South Georgian Bay West Simcoe ARES) and VE3QCR were all online.

18:35 - Mike VE3LKI at mobile net control location (MountainView Mall parking lot).

19:00 - VE3SGB reported back on air.

19:00 - Net control turned over to Darren VE3REK.  Stations were asked to recheck in.  Rechecked stations: VE3REK (NET CONTROL), VE3CBA, VA3NLS, VE3INY, VE3TVN, VE3LKI, VE3FSH, VE3AOE, VE3SQT.

19:20 - DEC Mike VE3LKI reports that contact was made with Orillia VE3ODR.  Orillia ARES is operational.

19:29 - DEC Mike VE3LKI reports that the Muskoka links are running.

19:39 - Ian VA3QT checked in.  Notified that VA3ROG was back on the air and the City of Barrie ARES has moved over to it.

19:45 - Ron VE3NLS reports that there is nothing noteable for information on 40 meters.  He contacted Murry (call unknown) on 7.063.5.  He states that the power is off from Alabama to Sudbury.

20:10 - Stations called to confirm status.  Only VE3CBA, VE3REK, VE3LKI, VE3KNR AND VE3FSH are still on frequency.  All other stations have left the net without notification.

20:27 - Mike VE3LKI confirmed that he has not been able to establish communications with Muskoka and Parry Sound ARES.

20:49 - VE3KPN notes that power is back on in Revina.  Houses have lights on and perhaps that is why VA3ROG is back on the air.

23:00 - Monitored and provided information to stations calling.  Net on standby.

23:30 - Net formally closed down.

NTS Liaison Station - Ken - VA3KEW, 0 traffic to / from ARES group to the OSN and the OPN.   Local traffic = 0 message. 

OBS - VA3KNR - Doug, read 0 Bulletins.

ARES data updated on local club web site and ARES web site 



M. K. Moreau - VE3LKI -  SGBWS ARES.
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