Monthly Report
Submitted to:  ARES Central Ontario District DEC
Subject:  Central Ontario District Emergency Coordinator Report
Report Month/Year: April, 2002
Date Submitted:  May 02, 2002
EC Area of Responsibility: South Georgian Bay West Simcoe County
EC Name and Callsign:  Michael Moreau VE3LKI
EC's Email Address: [email protected]
Club Names: South Georgian Bay ARC / Blue Mountain ARC
ARES Members this Report: 30
Registered Stations Increase/Decrease since last report:  n/c
Local Net Name:  South Georgian Bay West Simcoe ARES Net
Number of Net Sessions / Checkins 4 Nets / 38 Check-ins - 8 Formal Traffic (4 Sent - 4 Rec'd)
Section Net Name: Ontario ARES Net - 7.150 MHz
VE3CBA - Don, appointed as Net Manager, taking over from Ken, VA3KEW, who remains as Net Liasion with OPN.  Thanks to Ken for a great job getting the nets organized and maintained, and to Don for "volunteering" to take on the role.

Continued training for communication operation modes for ARES Response.  April meeting attended by 12 operators.  Topic was SSTV on HF and VHF/UHF frequencies, using MMSSTV software program.  Very good night.  Local VHF
frequencies now alive with digital chirps and pictures.

Two remaining "modes" will be addressed in May/June.  IRLP and AirMail (Internet via RF).

Plans for a Field Day Exercse are also being formulated.

One of the local repeaters is getting a new controller in time for the CanWarn season.  Up/Down-linking to the ULR system will once again be possible on the VE3UGB repeater in the next month.

NTS Liason Station - Ken - VA3KEW, 0 traffic to / from ARES group to the OSN and the OPN.   Local traffic = 8. 

OBS - VA3KNR - Doug, read 4 Bulletins.

ARES data updated on local club website and ARES website weekly


M. K. Moreau - VE3LKI - Emergency Coordinator - SGBWS ARES.
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