ARES Management Team

ARES is composed of licensed radio amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment
for communications support in the public service when disaster strikes. Every licensed radio amateur, whether or not a
member of RAC (Radio Amateurs of Canada), or any other local or regional organization, is eligible for membership in the Amateur Radio Emergency Service. The only qualification is a sincere desire to serve. The possession of emergency-powered
equipment is desirable, but not a requirement.

Emergency service activities in each RAC section are under the direction of the Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC).  Southern Ontario SEC is Robert Gammon - VA3RX [email protected], and is responsible for recruiting as well as supporting and coordinating the activities of the Emergency Coordinators in the section.

The SEC is appointed by the Section Manager (SM) - Ontario - Vacant. The radio amateurs in each community within the Section register their facilities with a local Emergency Coordinator (EC), who is appointed by the Section Manager, on the recommendation of the DEC and SEC.  The local EC - South Georgian Bay West Simcoe is Darren Lortie - VE3REK, [email protected].

In order to provide better support, in areas where there are a large number of EC appointments, the position of District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) is appointed by the Section Manager.  Ian Snow VA3QT [email protected], was appointed as the DEC - Georgian District, which includes the counties of Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton, South Northumberland, and Simcoe, and the districts of Muskoka and Parry Sound as well as Algonquin Park.

Bob Simpson, VE3ODR, [email protected] is the Orillia/North Simcoe EC, and is currently the Assistant DEC - 2 i/c

Muskoka District has an ARES group with Steve Gammage, VE3HKT, [email protected] as the EC.  Peterborough City & County is represented by EC - Robert Kearns, VE3KEA, [email protected].  The City of Barrie ARES was given the green light on February 12, 2002, Dave Wainwright VE3ILA, [email protected] is the EC.  The Parry Sound District West ARES came online on February 21, 2002.  Clint Daniels, VA3CSD [email protected] is the new EC for this new group.   Parry Sound East, and South Simcoe County EC positions are currently vacant, as are EC positions in Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton Counties.  The area of South Northumberland County is also in the planning stages for its ARES group.  To the west of our immediate area, Grey County ARES is active with Bob Droine, VE3LKD [email protected] appointed as EC there.  All of these individual appointments, as RAC Field Organization officials, must be RAC members. As noted earlier, other members of a local ARES organization need not be RAC members, or affiliated with any amateur radio club or group.

At one time, an ARES member had to be a licensed radio amateur. Presently, certain interested parties and those individuals studying for their radio certificate should contact their local EC, as they may have opportunities to operate under the supervision of a properly qualified radio amateur.

There are the openings for Assistant DEC's, and EC's in the the Central Ontario District.  Each role has requirements for specific skills, talents, and the ability to serve the needs of others. If you are interested in working with your fellow Amateurs and provide Public Service, contact Ian at [email protected].

Bookmark this web site for updates that will provide more details about ARES in the immediate area.  Also, check for more in-depth information regarding the Central Ontario District, including EC reports for their respective areas, and opportunities for new ARES operations.


D. Lortie - VE3REK - SGBWS ARES.
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