Remote Antenna Switch

For many years I have been using an Ameritron remote antenna switch, model RCS-8V, to select among my dipole antennas. Lately it has become erratic and some of the ports no longer work. Looking to replace it, I found that good remote switches are somewhat expensive. I thought I could build my own, but the problem was finding a suitable waterproof enclosure.

One day I was browsing the interesting Adafruit web site, and I stumbled across a waterproof plastic box approximately 17x12x7.5 CM. I ordered one and here is the result. (I haven't provided a link because the box may no longer be available.) (Also available from Banggood.)

schematic of the power controller

The relays are 110VAC, because I had 4 of them in my parts box. No reason why other voltage relays could not be used, just provide the correct voltage for your relays. I used the dead bug wiring method; simple but only good for HF. BTW my relays are DPDT and I wired the two sides together, which should provide longer life and lower contact resistance.

project photo 1 project photo 2
project photo 1 project photo 2

The inside switch box was built in a recycled box. It shows 1..5 on the case but there are only 4 relays and the switch has only 4 positions. I had some reservations about using 110VAC for the relays but I really wanted to use up those surplus relays. The power switch is double pole so when the switch is off, the control line is completely disconnected from the mains. In the remote box the control lines are connected only to the relay coils, not the bottom plate or anything else. If you're careful, this should be a safe installation.

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