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Ham Radio Station
Pactor 3 / Robust Packet / Telnet / Internet / Message Forwarding
Digital Modes - FT8, PSK, SSTV, RTTY, MMDVM
























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Welcome to the station Web Site

During normal operation, VA3LKI is primarily used for HF 'digital' modes - i.e. FT 4/8, PSK, RTTY, CW, etc.

VA3LKI is capable of operating as an independent AIRMAIL powered System providing communications services to Maritime stations, RV travelers, fixed, mobile, and portable Ham Radio stations. The station DOES NOT require internet for its messaging services, however it does utilize internet resources as available.

VA3UY is primarily operated as V/UHF Fixed and Mobile. DMR is now a part of the station.

VE3LKI is generally operated as normal HF SSB station.

On receipt of an official request from a recognized municipal, county, provincial or national authority, the station will assist with EMComm operations. Frequencies for these services are NOT public.

Summary of Operations

HF Pactor / Robust Packet stations should always use USB - Upper Side Band - to ensure best performance and linking.

When VA3LKI is operational as a messaging service station on HF and VHF, frequencies will be as indicated in the following table.



RP600, P3
Not in service at this time

RP600, P3
As Required
DIAL Frequency 7090.50


RP300, P3
As Required
Not in service at this time


RP600, P3
As Required
DIAL Frequency 14110.50

RP600, P3
As Required
Not in service at this time

RP600, P3
Not in service at this time
Packet 1200 - 38400
Not Active at this time

- VE3LKI Equipment Configuration -

70A Converter / Smart Charger Power Supply / 140 Ahr batteries + 5 Kw Generator
IC - 7300 HF Transceiver ~ 100 watts RF output
Internal Auto Tuner
Alpha Delta LB DX+ All band dipole @12 meters
3 El Triband beam @ 17 meters
HyGain 5 band Vertical

- VA3LKI Equipment Configuration -

50A Power Supply / IC - 706 MKIIG HF Transceiver ~ 45 watts RF output
LDG AT-200Pro II Auto Tuner
SCS PTCII Pro Pactor 3
Signalink USB sound card / interface / RIGBlaster+
Able to share any of the four HF antennas
Pactor / Robust Packet / Audio Digital Modes

IBM 3.6 GHz 8G RAM Desktop, Smart 1400VA PRO UPS, Two vertical 22"LCD display screens
Airmail - ALL modules, AGW PE Pro, MS Outlook, DSL Internet

- Notice -

All Public Pactor/Packet user stations have a daily access time limit of 120 minutes. In the unlikely event, users exceed this time, the station will automatically refuse further connections until 0000 UTC of the following day.

In an emergency situation, or time of special need, contact the station SYSOP for increased access. EMCOMM stations active in an emergency situation will have unlimited access.

Review the station sign on banner at the time of connection for individual time limitations and any special notices.

If you have any questions or comments about the station, please contact the administrator by email - va3lki at rogers dot com When sending email, please use your @winlink email address, as all others are blocked to protect from spam and viruses. Include your preferred or regular email address in the body of the message, and it will be added to an accept list for future connects.

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