Welcome to Dana Shtun, VE3DSS/VE3KU Webpage

I did this webpage to help promote the worldwide hobby of VHF, UHF and Microwave Amateur Radio operating. I've had an interest in this stuff since I was a kid. In 1958 I caught my first TV DX signals from Florida and that got me interested. Later, I heard the talk about the amazing DX worked by Amateurs during Solar Cycle 19. Cycle 19 being the largest of the most recent solar maxima.

The general Amateur press has been rather underinformed and misinformed about VHF UHF DXing.
Over the last 30 years, there has been little "general information" available. Fortunately with the development of the Internet, this has changed significantly. In fact the Internet has brought us much closer together, globally.

In a nutshell, Amateur Weak Signal operating is a challenge. Today, activity occurs at

Signal Propagation can be astounding at these frequencies. Amateurs were busy working around the world during the peak years of Solar Cycle 23 at 50 MHz, and now (as of 2005) there are 6 Canadians with DXCC (DX Century Club - for confirming contacts with 100 countries ). These are VE1YX,  VE1RAA, VE1ZZ, VE3KKL ,VE3DSS and VE3RM. More will achieve DXCC during the peak of Cycle 24, and hopefully this will include stations to the west of Ontario.

At 144 MHz many Canadians like VE7BQH hold DXCC and WAS (Worked All States), while others  like VE3AX are working toward DXCC and WAS. At 222 MHz VE3AX is still the only Canuk with WAS.s (WAS). Activity at 432 MHz and above is growing rapidly thanks to the efforts of Barry VE4MA, Steve VE3SMA, Ray VE3FN and many others!

Amateurs are technical innovators. We come from all walks of life and all avocations. Some are Engineers, others are Teachers. But, all of us are curious by nature and "doers". We are not satisfied to sit back and be couch potatoes. Did you know that the designs for antenna's used in today's cellular and WIFI systems had their origins in amateur computer aided modelling work? Your teeny tiny cell phone owes much to amateur low noise technolgies, amateur packet radio (the original wireless internet!), APRS (amateur position reporting), GPS & much more!

So if you are interested check out the Ontario VHF Association's website, or drop me an e mail!

Remember with VHF & UHF the "World's Greatest Hobby" just got a whole lot more interesting.

vy 73 de VE3DSS/VE3KU -- "Dana in Toronto"