It's one thing to read about VHF and UHF DX ing but quite another to actually hear what signals sound like via the various modes of propagation available in the Amateur Service. Here are some examples in streaming audio

Meteor Scatter (Leonids Meteor Storm, November 2001 - 144 MHz)

Leonids - Meteor Storm 2001 (K0GU in Colorado on 144.2 MHz SSB)

Auroral Reflection Signals (Aurora and Auroral E) at 50 MHz

Auroral Signals - 1989

Solar Cycle 21 - F2 Signals circa 1979 at 50 MHz

TF3SG - Icelandic Station via F2 layer propagation on 50 MHz during Cycle 21 (Nov 1980)

BBC-TV - BBC Channel 1 Television Audio at 42 MHz copied in Toronto 1979 via the F layer!

Solar Cycle 22 - F2 Signals circa 1990 at 50 MHz

KL7AJJ - Alaskan station working VE1ASJ in PEI on F2 layer propagation

FY7THF - An automated beacon signal from French Guyana via F2 layer propagation

Solar Cycle 23 - F2 Signals circa 2001 at 50 MHz

AH8A - American Samoa, November 2001 via F2 layer propagation

Updated October 11, 2005 by VE3DSS