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Ham radio free classifieds with or without photos that you can post, edit, and delete yourself. This site is an online hamfest, an amateur radio swap shop. Make this virtual hamfest your QTH on the Internet.. You'll find HF VHF and UHF radios for sale or trade here. Antennas, rotors, coaxial cable, and towers. All sorts of used equipment for your radio shack can bought, sold or traded here. The cost for using this site to you is absolutely free.

The VA3WM free amateur swap and shop site also has a computer section for hardware and software. Sometimes folks post an ad to give away free computers or free computer parts. Mostly though the computer hardware and software like everything else here is for sale at  reasonable prices.

The same goes for antennas, coax cable, ladder line, rotors, and antenna towers too. The VA3WM Online Hamfest & Swap 'n' Shop has a category for everything and postings in every category.

Are you an amateur radio operator looking for a packet station to set up for APRS? This is the place to find used TNC's, computers, and  ham related software.

Our hobby is truly international in scope and there's no reason why an OM from one country cannot trade with an operator from another. That's why we provide you with access to nearly up-to-the-minute currency exchange rate information offered by Xenon right here on this website.

Perhaps you're not a ham (yet) perhaps you're a radio scanner fan looking for a police scanner or a broadband VHF UHF antenna. This is the place to buy it and this is the place to sell it. 

Maybe you're a serious DX chasing SWL (shortwave radio listener) in search of a great Icom, Drake, or Kenwood general coverage receiver, or maybe you're interested in just CB radios, this is a good place for you to start searching.

Did you know that you could download free copies of MFJ product manuals? You can. Personally, I wish that more manufacturers would do the same. I know for a fact that representatives from some of the major ham radio manufacturers visit this site. What do you say fellas?


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