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Software: EasyPal


Welcome to my Digital SlowScan TV site.  EasyPal, developed by Eric, VK4AES, is the most commonly used software to send and receive pictures via Ham radio.  The two pictures above illustrate the quality of pictures being exchanged.  Connection to a computer is very simple using the computer soundcard.  To receive: run a cable from your transceiver ext speaker to the soundcard “line in”.  To transmit: an interface is required between the soundcard “speaker” and the transceiver mic input. An interface can either be made yourself or purchased commercially.  If you are already using digital modes in Ham radio then nothing else is required for DSSTV.  The EasyPal software is freeware and can be obtained from KC1CS dot com.

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Developed by VE3BXP using Webplus X6

Amateur Radio Station

Included in this site:

Tx Pics

The pictures on this page are the last ones I transmitted.

This is a collection of other ham radio operator websites worldwide showing pictures they have received and transmitted.

This page contains the latest pictures I received.  Please note:  I have no control as to what others send.  There may be an occasional offensive picture.   

Rx Pics