Wireless Set No. 19 Group                                                                                                                                    c/o 1309 Sunbury Rd., R.R. #2                                                                                                                                     Inverary, Ontario                                                                                                                                                    CANADA     K0H 1X0 

                                                                                    18 1330Z April 2005


Distribution List 


Time Zone Used Throughout This Order is:  Z (GMT) 

1.            SITUATION.  For the past 16 years, Mr. Gene Michaud, a high school teacher in Ottawa, has organized a military reenactment event called, "To Stand On Guard For Thee" (TSOGFT).  This event is organized to allow groups of high school students to interact with reenactors of various historical periods.  This year, to mark the 60th anniversary of VE-Day, there are two additional events in Ottawa – a VE-Day ceremony at the National War Memorial and the official opening of the new Canadian War Museum. In addition, the annual Ontario Military Vehicle Association (OMVA) meeting is being held in Oshawa, Ontario on the 28/29 May weekend.  The month of May, therefore, provides a number of outstanding opportunities for the Wireless Set No. 19 Group to demonstrate equipment, meet veterans and explain the contribution of Signals during the war. 

2.            MISSION.  During the period 1 – 30 May 2005, The Wireless Set No. 19 Group will participate with other organizations in providing active and static displays to mark the 60th anniversary of VE-Day. 

3.            EXECUTION. 

            a.            General Outline.  This operation will be conducted in three phases, some of which will be concurrent: 

                        (1)  Phase I – On-air wireless skeds, on selected days/times/frequencies throughout the month (vintage equipment to be used by Net Control Station) 

                        (2)  Phase II – (Ottawa, Ontario 6 – 8 May) static display and demonstrations in support of TSOGFT, ceremony at National War Memorial and the opening of new Canadian War Museum 

                        (3)  Phase III – (Oshawa, Ontario 28 – 29 May) static display and demonstrations in support of Ontario Military Vehicle Association meeting 

            b.            Phase I – On-Air Skeds 

            (1)        Grouping 

(a)  NCS - VA3ORP will act as NCS.  Any 19 Set Group members wishing to act as temporary NCS are to arrange times directly with VA3ORP ([email protected]). 

(b) Outstations – All members of the Wireless Set No. 19 Group are strongly encouraged to participate as outstations at some time during the month.  Contact will be attempted with any amateur radio station responding to general calls made by the NCS. 

(2)            Tasks 

            (a)  NCS

(i)            operate in accordance with the schedule at Annex A 

(ii)            arrange for Veterans to be interviewed on Vet’s Net 

(iii)            maintain log and prepare QSL cards 

            (b)  Outstations

(i)            make contact with NCS.  Vintage equipment preferred but not mandatory 

(3)            Co-ordinating Instructions 

            (a)  Schedule

(i)            per Annex A.  Times and frequencies have been selected to give all outstations, both local and DX, a reasonable opportunity to make contact with NCS.  All nets will be in CW except Vet’s Net which will be in LSB 

(ii)            outstations, particularly DX stations, who wish to participate, are welcome to arrange a specific sked with the NCS ([email protected]

            (b)  Callsigns

(i)              NCS will use the callsign “CF3WSN” at all times EXCEPT during the period 5–12 May.  (Note that all Ontario amateurs have been authorized to replace their VA3 prefix by the CF3 prefix during the entire month of May) 

(ii)            During the period 5-12 May, NCS will use the callsign “CF3VEDAY”.  This is a special callsign approved by Industry Canada to mark the opening of the new Canadian War Museum.  This is the first time that a five-letter, amateur radio suffix has been authorized in Canada. 

            c.            Phase II – Ottawa Display 

(1)            Grouping.  VA3ORP (D. Lawrence), VE3CBK (C. Bisaillion) and VA3CGJ (F. Moore) 

(2)            Tasks

            (a)            VA3ORP & VE3CBK to provide and man display consisting of bell tent and communications equipment for TSOGFT (6 & 7 May).  VE3CBK to establish and maintain liaison with TSOGFT organizer 

            (b)            VA3CGJ to provide 15 CWT wireless van (if available) from Oshawa Military and Industrial Museum assets

            (c)            all three to participate in ceremony at National War Memorial and Canadian War Museum on 8 May, preferably as crew of 15 CWT wireless van 

            (d)            if practicable, operate special 40 metre on-air sked from site of new Canadian War Museum on afternoon of 8 May 

(3)            Coordinating Instructions 

            (a)            VA3ORP & VE3CBK to RV at display site (Remic Rapids Lookout) nlt 1800 hrs EDST Thursday 5 May and establish camp 

            (b)            display, except tent and overnight kit, will be dismantled and packed on evening of Saturday 7 May 

            (c)            group will be under canvas for nights of 5/6, 6/7 & 7/8 May 

            (d)            some rations provided by TSOGFT (bkfst 6, 7, 8 May; supper 6, 7 May).  Remainder to be provided by participants 

            (e)            temporary toilets will be provided at display site.  Washing arrangements at local arena with transportation provided at 0715 hrs EDST on 6, 7, 8 May 

            (e)            uniform for display will be 2nd WW battle dress badged as Ontario Reg’t or 1st Cdn Army, RCCS.  Web belt only, beret, no weapons.  VA3ORP to dress as RCAF/WOG for 8 May 

            (f)            depart for home units as soon as practicable following opening ceremonies at Canadian War Museum 

 d.        Phase III – OMVA Display 

(1)            Grouping  VA3ORP (D. Lawrence) and VA3CGJ (F. Moore) 

(2)            Tasks

(a)            VA3ORP to provide display of 2nd WW communications equipment and operate on-air skeds per Annex A.  Display to be centred on bell tent representing regimental signals station 

(b)            VA3CGJ to arrange for display space and provide (if available) 15 CWT wireless van c/w operating 19 Set 

(3)            Co-ordinating Instructions 

            (a)            RV Oshawa Military and Industrial Museum nlt 0800 hrs EDST Saturday 28 May.  Commence display set-up 

            (b)            dismantle display morning of Sunday 29 May.  Depart for home units nlt 1500 hrs EDST 

            (c)            any W.S. No. 19 Group members in the area are welcome to visit the site and participate in the activities 

4.            SERVICE SUPPORT 

            a.            for Ottawa Display, campsite, display area and rations being arranged by Mr. Gene Michaud (613-722-6565), organizer of TSOGFT 

            b.            no financial support is available for this operation 

            c.            some 2nd WW vehicles to augment the displays may be available from the Oshawa Military and Industrial Museum.  Point-of-contact is VA3CGJ, Frank Moore (905-263-8584) 

5.            COMMAND AND SIGNAL 

            a.            VA3ORP, David Lawrence is in overall command of this operation.  He may be reached by email at [email protected] or by telephone at 613-387-2094.  When deployed he may be available by cell phone between 2300-2400Z (1900-2000 EDST) at 613-328-8114. 

            b.            If VA3ORP is unavailable, VE3CBK, Chris Bisaillion shall take command.  He may be reached by email at [email protected] or by telephone at 613-592-2008. 

            c.            Use of the CF3VEDAY callsign is under the control of  VE3BDB,  Bob Cooke.  He may be reached by email at [email protected]


  (original signed by

D.G. Lawrence, VA3ORP

NCS, Wireless Set No. 19 Gp



Annex A - Operating Schedule for "VE-DAY +60" - May 2005


Distribution List

Action                          Information

VA3ORP                     Mbrs, WS #19 Gp

VE3CBK                     VE3IQ (J. Dean)

VA3CGJ                      R.D. Lawrence


G. Michaud

Perth Reg’t (J. McRae)





                                                                                    Annex A

                                                                                    To OpO VE-DAY +60

                                                                                    Dated 18 1330Z Apr 2005

Operating Schedule for Operation "VE-DAY +60" - May 2005  --  CLICK HERE

(CF3VEDAY/CF3WSN Coordinated Operating Schedule 05-12 May 2005 -- CLICK HERE)


Details & Notes

80 M Sked - 3,527 KHz CW 0000-0100 GMT (2000-2100 EDST previous day)

40 M Sked - 7,027 KHz CW 0100-0200 GMT (2100-2200 EDST previous day)

20 M Sked - 14,027 KHz CW 2000-2100 GMT (1600-1700 EDST same day)

Vets' Net -     7,270 KHz LSB 1800-1900 GMT (1400-1500 EDST same day)

For 8 May            - normal monthly 19 Set Voice Net will not be held.

- some 40M operations may occur on 8 May during official ceremonies

            between 1600-2000 GMT (1200-1600 EDST)

- monitor 7,055 KHz LSB (Trans-Provincial Net) for info


  -  6-8 May from Ottawa, Ontario (TSOGFT and new Canadian War Museum)

  -  28-29 May from Ontario Military Vehicle Association event in Oshawa, Ontario

  -   remainder of operations from near Kingston, Ontario




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