Wireless Set No. 19 Group

c/o 1309 Sunbury Rd., R.R. #2

Inverary, Ontario

CANADA     K0H 1X0


22 October 2005



After Action Report - Operation “TRAFALGAR 200”


Ref:  A.  Op Order 16 1830Z Oct 05


1.         Executive Summary.  This operation was executed according to plan (ref A).  A total of seven contacts were made – five with members of the Wireless Set No 19 Group and two with other members of the amateur radio community.  The control station used vintage equipment throughout.



2.         Most of the activity occurred between 0000Z and 0100Z.  By prior arrangement, one additional sked was conducted between 2300Z and 2330Z.  Contact was made with seven stations who reported having the following naval artifacts on hand:

a.  VE3RIH, Alan, who has an expended shell casing from HMCS Haida

b.  VE3BDB, Bob, who has rum and the “cabin girl”

c.  VE3CBK, Chris, who was using a navy key

d.  VA3GST, John, who has a ships inclinometer

e.  AI4LK, Mike in Tampa, Florida (1,905 km)

f.   W4ATL, Sherman in Atlanta, Georgia (1,375 km)

g.  VE3BBN, David, who has a navy AN/URM-120 wattmeter

h.   NCS was by Dave, VA3ORP who had Pusser Rum and naval uniforms


3.         Due to the very short operating time, contacts were kept short.  This was fine for Group members who were familiar with the event; however, it would have been polite to take the time to explain the event in more detail to the DX stations.  They were, however, advised that it was a special event and that a QSL card would be sent.



4.         Net Control was done using a Wireless Set No. 19, Mk III (s.n. C-77160) with 12 watts to a trapped dipole at 20 feet.  At 0046Z the antenna was changed to an R-7 vertical.  NCS operated from VA3ORP’s home QTH at the above address (44 deg 24 min 23 sec N; 76 deg 19 min 10 sec N).  Other than the normal difficulty in finding a clear frequency, no technical problems were encountered.


5.         Solar conditions for this event were favourable.  Solar Flux was 75.3 with an A Index of 2 to 12.  The K Index was 0 between 0000Z and 0100Z, increasing to 2 for the 2300Z sked.  Fof2 (Millstone Hill) was 3.6 MHz at 0015Z and 3.4 MHz at 0045Z.  Contacts with Group members were made on 80 M while the DX contacts were on 40 M.  Except for a weak signal from VA3GST (distance 18 km), none of the nearby stations were heard on 40 M.  It is likely that a ground wave path existed between VA3GST and NCS.


6.         A propagation prediction was completed for 21 October 1805 between Cape Trafalgar and London (1,769 km).  Sun Spot Number for that date was 37 (SF of 93).  Had radio been available at that time, a good 40 M path would have been possible throughout the day and night.  In 1805, it took over two weeks for the results of the battle to be reported.


7.         Administration.  This was a relatively simple event to organize.  A more ambitious plan had been considered but this was amended due to non-availability of out-station.  Special QSL cards have been prepared and will be distributed on 24 Oct 05.  Total time expended on this event was approximately fifteen hours.


8.         Conclusions and Recommendations.  While this was a minor event, it did maintain the Group’s tradition of marking significant military anniversaries with on-air activity.  It could easily have been expanded by some last minute advertising (e.g. on the OntARS or TP Nets); however, this would have require additional NCS operators and additional expenses with QSL cards.  The extent that the Group wishes to reach-out beyond its own membership will have to be carefully considered for future events.



D.G. Lawrence, VA3ORP

NCS, W.S. No. 19 Group


VA3WSN Logbook for Operation “TRAFALGAR 2000”


Time    Freq    Station            Comments

20 October 2005

2337    3705     --                    tuning up, 12 watts into trapped dipole

2345      “           --                    begin calling “CQ TRAFALGAR DE VA3WSN”

2348      “           --                    heard VE9DWF, not sure if he is responding to my CQ

2349      “         VE3RIH          Alan RST 459, he has expended shell from HMCS Haida

2358      “         VE3BDB        Bob RST 599 with QRM, he has rum and “cabin girl”

21 October 2005

0010      “         VE3CBK        Chris RST 479, he is using NATO navy key

0017      “         VA3GST        John RST 599, he has ship’s inclinometer

0024      “         VE3RIH          Alan still copying on 19 Set with long wire antenna

0027    7023      --                   QSY to 40 M

0034      “         AI4LK              Mike in Tampa, Fl.  Waiting for hurricane Wilma!

0046    7020      --                   QSY and change to R-7 vertical

0053      “         W4ATL           Sherman in Atlanta, GA with Orion es 100 W to dipole

0100      “           --                    QRT

2255    3705    VE3BBN        David RST 599, he has navy AN/URM-120 wattmeter

2330      “           --                    QRT, end of operation





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