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                                                                                                            c/o 1309 Sunbury Rd., R.R. #2
                                                                                                            Inverary, Ontario
                                                                                                            CANADA     K0H 1X0

                                                                                                            16 1830Z Oct 05

Statue of Horatio Nelson in 18th century uniform with his right arm missing

     Operations Order – “TRAFALGAR 200”   


"If a man consults whether he is to fight, when he has the power in his own hands, it is certain that his opinion is against fighting." - Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, August 1801, from a letter.


Time Zone Used Throughout the Order:  ZULU (GMT)

1.         SITUATION.  It has been a tradition within the Wireless Set No.
    19 Group to mark significant anniversaries by holding commemorative,
    on-air events.  Another such opportunity presents itself with the 200th
    anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

2.         MISSION.  On 21 October 2005, the Wireless Set No. 19 Group
    will mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar by holding
    special skeds.

3.         EXECUTION.

 A.        General Outline.  This will be a short duration event in which
    outstations will be required to make brief contact with the Net Control
    Station (NCS).  In keeping with the spirit of the event, Outstations are
    encouraged to have some item with a naval connection at their operation
    position.  This could be naval equipment, uniforms or traditional rations
    suitable for toasting the memory of Lord Nelson.  A special QSL card will
    be issued to all stations who meet this criterion.  (Note: this event will
    take place starting on new ZULU day, Friday 21 October.  This is 8 pm EDST
    on Thursday, October 20th).

B.        Net Control Station.
            (1)  Grouping  - VA3ORP (primary), VE3BDB (alternate)
            (2)  Tasks     - act as NCS for skeds
                           - prepare and distribute QSL cards

C.        Outstations.
            (1)  Grouping  - all available Group members
            (2)  Tasks     - attempt to make contact with NCS

D.        Coordinating Instructions.
            (1)  Date/Time/Frequency:
                 (a)  21 0000Z to 0030Z Oct 05 on 3.705 MHz (+/- 10 kHz)
                 (b)  21 0030Z to 0100Z Oct 05 on 7.020 MHz (+/- 10 kHz)

            (2)       Mode:       CW (10 - 15 wpm)

            (3)       Callsign:   NCS will use callsign VA3WSN

            (4)       Callup:     NCS will call “CQ Trafalgar”

            (5)       Exchange:   callsign/RST/naval item on hand

            (6)       Equipment:  vintage or modern
                                      (NCS will use 19 Set)

(7)       Special Arrangements:  If any group member wishes to attempt
    contact on another band or time (e.g. 20 M or 40M at 1800Z), they should
    make direct contact with VA3ORP at [email protected], not later than “last
    light” Wednesday 19 October.

4.         SERVICE SUPPORT.  Nil

5.         COMMAND AND SIGNAL.  Dave Lawrence, VA3ORP, is in command for
    this event.  He may be reached by telephone at 613-387-2094 or by email at
    [email protected]  In his absence, Bob Cooke, VE3BDB, will take command.  He
    may be reached by telephone at 705-326-6306 or by email at
    [email protected]

(original signed by)

D.G. Lawrence, VA3ORP
NCS, W.S. No. 19 Gp

Distribution List

Direct                      via Yahoo

VE3RIH                  all Gp Mbrs                                                                


'England expects that every man will do his duty'




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