The Wireless Set No. 19 Photo Gallery
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Submit YOUR photos! Please include a short narrative and remember, pictures are MUCH more attractive if they have a PERSON in them. So, put yourself in FRONT of the camera, please. If you don't have access to a scanner, you can mail me the picture, which I will scan and return to you. (Email me for the mailing address.) However, if you do your own scanning, please keep the finished product under 20K in size. Thanks much! -Bob.

Bruce, VE7MT, writes: "Thought it was time to have some westcoast representation here. The 19 set on the right is my main unit. To the left of that is the GRC-109. Behind my head is a spare 19 set,an ART13 and a PRC-316. All 3 of my 19 sets are MK IIIs. Antennas in use are an assortment of long wires, dipoles and beams".

Bert, DJ0MEW, sent in this picture of his (U.S.A.) Philco-built Mk II.

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